About a Palana Settlement.

Palana is the citys type settlement.

Palana is Tigilskiys area an administrative centre of the Kamchatskiy krai. It has citys region status, but wasnt included into Tigilskiys area structure.
Till July 1, 2007 Palana settlement was an administrative centre of Koryakskiy autonomous region.

Palana is located at the western Kamchatkas coast, on the right coast of the Palana river, in 8 kms far from its confluence in the Okhotsk sea.

Palanas population is 3928 people. (Information was confirmed in 2006 year).

There is a seaport in 2 kms far from Palana, which is used by the vessels with fuel, foodstuffs and industrial goods, which were transferred from Petropalovsk-Kamchatskiy, Nakhodka, Vladivostok, Magadan and other settlements.

There is an airport in Palana, which operates with airplanes and helicopters from Petropavlovk-Kamchatskiy and other settlements. It is also used for freight traffic.

Distance between Palana and Tigil settlement is 160 kms, between Palana and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy is 850 kms.

It is possible to pass along all western Kamchatkas coast using winter road, achieving even Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.(it is also possible to achieve such kind of settlements as Esso settlement and Anavgai settlement)

It is also planned to finish improved winter road to Anavgai to 2011 year.

Translated by Serova Anna